The Korea Times – ‘Coffee imports hit all-time high’

The Korea Times – ‘Coffee imports hit all-time high’


The Korea Times – ‘Angel-in-us Coffee wants to make angels of customers’

The Korea Times – ‘Angel-in-us Coffee wants to make angels of customers’

I’m sure all my loyal CaféSeaSeo readers order their lattes with a smile, right? Well, the chain Angel-in-us will reward you with a discount! I guess it’s something I haven’t paid attention to… in English, in Seattle, I always order politely, and most people I’ve heard do too. But Koreans ordering in Korean? My ears haven’t picked up how polite or rude they generally are. Maybe they are not as polite as I would expect, especially considering all the different politeness levels in the Korean language. Hopefully this push by Angel-in-us fosters true, not artificial, politeness in customers and people.

El Cafetal (Sinsa-dong)

¡Hola! *
¿Qué hubo?
¿Vez algo diferente? Jaja, ni es coreano ni es inglés. Para esta entrada de Caféseaseo, vamos a practicar nuestro castellano, nuestro español. ¡Les insinué la última vez que yo iba a hacer algo diferente! ¿Por qué será? Pues, ¡el próximo café que conocí en Seúl fue un lugar colombiano! Sí, en un lugarcito entre Apgujeong y Sinsa-dong ** se encuentra El Cafetal.

El Cafetal, December 2010
El Cafetal, December 2010 (courtesy CaféSeaSeo’s friend)

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