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Hello everyone. Just a quick note to let you know that my posting for I’m Home has been updated to reflect a visit to the newly opened “I’m Home 2″. Check it out!


4th dimension coffee (Yongin)

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to leave the normal confines of this Internet, cyberspace, Information Superhighway, World Wide Web log and take you to the 4th Dimension! …….Okay… maybe not. No worries, I’ll stay out of the realm of cheesy and keep it in the realm of coffee! …….Ouch, strike two for my writing tonight. You would think with a rich café name like “4th dimension coffee” that I would elevate my writing a notch and make it as clever as the café’s name. But nah, I’ll keep it strictly expository tonight.

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Beansbins (chain, multiple locations)

The next place I’ll review is another place that, like The Coffee Bean, has lots of locations, and therefore visibility, but somehow is just part of the landscape and doesn’t get praised or criticized much. But I quickly became fond of it, I supposed partly because I went there with friends and even met new friends there during the first few times I went there. This place, another Korean chain, is Beansbins. (also stylized as Beans Bins, BeansBins, BEANS BINS, or BEANSBINS).

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browny 70 (Yongin)

hey there!

today marks the 1 year anniversary of CaféSeaSeo! thanks to all who have visited, stumbled upon, or followed this blog. it’s much appreciated! 🙂 and ^^

so, for a 1 year anniversary posting, i’ll write about another favorite place. here we go!

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browny 70! Yes, “browny” with a “y” (and a lowercase “b” 😉 ). And it has nothing to do with the famous Korean stuffed husky that all the kids love. No, this café predates the Browny/Brownie the dog fad. And as for 70… I don’t know why. Yes, it’s a curious name, but it’s a great place!

Being close to my friend’s apartment in Suji… oh, wait. I said exactly the same thing about Zoo Coffee. Yes, browny 70 is very close to the first Zoo Coffee I went to. It’s in a little neighborhood shopping center / gathering place called the Daypark, in Seongbok-dong in Suji, the almost-Bundang district in northern Yongin.

Browny 70 in Suji, street view courtesy Naver Maps (http://maps.naver.com)
browny 70 in Suji, street view courtesy Naver Maps (http://maps.naver.com)

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Coffee 1 Cup – Gyedong Coffee (Anguk/Bukchon)

The next café to review is kind of an anomaly. It was often closed when I tried to go. It changed names, and then it changed concepts. It’s kind of a dabang, but not really. But the coffee? Oh, the coffee is good. Let’s start at the beginning…

Coffee 1 Cup in Bucheon-dong, unfortunately closed on Mondays, August 2010
Coffee 1 Cup in Bucheon-dong, unfortunately closed on Mondays, August 2010

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