BISTROre- (Yatap)

Hello, and welcome to winter!

Okay, I know that’s not true and that winter is still 6 weeks away, but… the temperature suddenly took a precipitous drop in Korea yesterday, such that overnight temperatures dropped below freezing for the first time this season. That made for a short fall… it was only less than a month ago that I could still pull off wearing short sleeves during the day. Oh well. It’s cold now, so that means I’ll now be spending more time inside, and that means I’ll now be spending productive time on this blog again!

But I’m gonna cheat a little bit this time. My posting today (apart from two article links a few minutes ago), is not really of a proper café, but rather a bistro. But they serve coffee there, and it’s such a cool place that I’ll post it for your benefit… and I guess to give them a miniscule bit of online promotion as well. 😉

Today’s post is about BISTROre-.

BISTROre- at Yatap, May 2010
BISTROre- at Yatap, May 2010

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The Wall Street Journal – ‘Big in Korea: Virtual Cafe Sounds’

an update on a previous article post; the website Coffitivity is extremely popular in Seoul