Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room (Seattle)

Hi coffee fans,

Well, this blog is usually devoted to chronicling the myriad and multitude of cafés in and around Seoul from the viewpoint of a Seattleite, but once in a while I gotta have my little detours into developments in Seattle, no? A few days ago in this blog I visited Seattle, Seoul, and the Washington DC area with reminiscences about the rain. And now today I will pay a quick visit to the new temple, the new shrine to coffee, built by the giant mermaid herself. It was huge news in Seattle, it made the national news, and it made headlines around the world too. It’s a new café with a really long name, and a big space to go with it. Ready? It’s the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room!

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Favorite cafés for a rainy day

A few days ago brought a period of heavy rains to the Seattle area. So I tried to think, what would be my favorite café to go to on a rainy day? Interestingly, it wasn’t one in Seattle or Seoul. I thought back to my days about a decade ago in Washington DC, when I lived in Arlington, just across the river from the capitol city. Not too far inland, er, into Virginia, two metro stops over the Potomac River on the Orange line, was a neighborhood called Courthouse. Yeah, not the most inspiring name, but it had its charms. Including an awesome independent café right at the border between the commercial and the residential areas of the Courthouse neighborhood. This café was The Java Shack.

The Java Shack; courtesy its website
The Java Shack; courtesy its website

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