5th anniversary, and top country views

Wow! Today (July 3 Seattle time) happens to be the 5th anniversary of this blog, which I started on a rainy day in Caffè Fiorè in Seattle. Since then, I do feel like I’ve found my blogging voice, but I regret not using it to post reviews as often as I’d like. They are few and far between, and tend to come in spurts when I find some time. But the project continues…

Meanwhile, I checked out my statistics, and was particularly curious about my all-time country view list. No surprise, South Korea and the USA top the list. But a big shout-out to all the people who have checked my blog from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and even Mexico, and all the countries that follow after that. I really appreciate it! And I’ll try to continue to be a source of review of cafés in and around Seoul, be they big, small, open, or closed. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your summer with a refreshing iced coffee. (Or if you’re in the south, it’s mocha time ^^). Until next time!

CaféSeaSeo top country views, 2012-2017
CaféSeaSeo top country views, 2012-2017

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