10 Magazine – ‘The Best Coffee Shops in Korea’

Lists like these are always subjective to some degree, but the helpful folks at 10 Magazine came up with an interesting list…

The Best Coffee Shops in Korea – http://10mag.com/best-coffee-shops-korea

Interestingly, I can vouch for a few of the cafés that made the list. 5 Extracts, Coffee LEC, Coffee Sedona, Jeon Gwang Su (chain), Coffeest, and Club Espresso are all really good. Can’t wait to review them!

And before the list is a mini article on the history of “third wave” coffee in Korea. And at the very top is their original list of the best coffee shops in Seoul. Lots to peruse. 🙂


Gold Bean (Yongin)

Unfortunately, here’s another café I barely took notes on. Sorry! 😦

Well, like I said in my first post about Liesgen Haus, I lived in almost semi-rural Cheongdeok-dong, and Liesgen Haus seemed to be the only café there right when I moved there. But nearby my almost empty neighborhood in Cheongdeok was another almost empty neighborhood, also under construction. I walked through here sometimes, especially since there was a nice park with wetlands right beside and “under” it. Overlooking the wetland park, a new house started to take shape. Actually, it had a very interesting shape. Now, houses are pretty rare in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, the province surrounding Seoul, and are limited to pretty much rich people or semi-empty areas. Cheongdeok-dong was more of the semi-empty area. So I did see a lot of houses go up, and a lot of them had risky and creative shapes. They are quite fascinating, actually, if you have an interest in architecture. This house over the wetlands was a rich brown, and divided in two. And before it was finished, it suddenly sprouted a giant coffee cup from its upper floor. Ah, this house was to be a new café! What a great way to attract attention. So in July I was finally able to visit Gold Bean.

I have a feeling I went alone first, but didn’t write about it. Anyway, I eventually went with some co-workers and tried my first patbingsu, a shaved ice red bean (adzuki in English from the Japanese, “pat” in Korean) dessert that is very popular in Korea in the summer. Gold Bean itself was very nice; almost luxurious actually. It had seating in both halves of the house. The patbingsu was very delicious.

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