13oz (Jukjeon café street)

So here’s an anomaly. A place that I went to only once, that I barely remember, and is now closed. But hey, its memory can live on through this blog, right? And some day the ex-owners might do a Google search instead of a Naver search and be surprised upon finding my blog posting about their old shop. Or maybe I’ll find a way to get onto Naver searches so more Koreans will find CaféSeaSeo. Hmmm ~

Anyway, this café was called 13oz. It was on the periphery of the Jukjeon café street. While the streets of the central café street area are traversed 95% of the time by pedestrians, this café faced the heavily trafficked Jukjeon-ro. It had snowed that day in Cheongdeok, so I was hope to see a snowy café street, but unfortunately it wasn’t as snowy there. Still, I was in the mood for coffee, so I stepped inside 13oz before meeting a friend for dinner.

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club Espresso (Buamdong)

Somewhere in Seoul, there is a place that is near the clouds and is far away from the noise and the bustle that characterizes the city of 10 million souls. It’s a breezy neighborhood, an artsy neighborhood, a hidden neighborhood one might even say. * It doesn’t have a metro station! And many longtime Seoul citizens are unfamiliar with it. It’s a place to go to relax, to hike, to breathe fresh air, and to drink good coffee. My friends, welcome to Buamdong.

At the top of a Buamdong side hill, the view of the mountains, November 2011
At the top of a Buamdong side hill, the view of the mountains, November 2011

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Articles – Starbucks design, Ediya, Brazilian Arabica


It’s a snowy day here in Seoul, but… it’s been snowing for over 6 hours and nothing has stuck yet! The streets and the sidewalks and the trees are all bare. Oh well. But still, it’s a great day to go out for coffee. And I just read about a new place in The Korea Herald so I decided to visit it! I’m writing to you today from the large and bustling Terarosa Coffee in downtown Seoul. I’ve had a cup of Brazil Ouro Verde (that means “green gold”) and two small pastries as I’ve caught up on some stuff. I’d also like to catch up on this blog a bit… and I won’t be able to today, but at least I have a few articles to post…

Starbucks design:



(one more link under this category added 24 January 2015:)


Ediya expansion:


Brazilian Arabica:

While the article I saw was in The Korea Herald, the original was actually from Bloomberg News:


(I’m seated approximately where the girl on the left is in the picture 😉 ; initial rating for Terarosa Coffee:  ****)

Seattle coffees January 2014

Why hello,

So about a month ago I resolved to post more often this year… but obviously that didn’t happen, or at least hasn’t yet. But! I did go home to Seattle for a little over two weeks and enjoyed the warmer weather as well as the city’s excitement over the Seattle Seahawks (American football team), who went on to win the Super Bowl (the championship game) just after I came back to Korea! I of course also got to enjoy lots of good coffee, sometimes with parents or friends and sometimes alone. Here, then, is a little collage of many of those coffees. 🙂

Seattle coffees January 2014
Seattle coffees January 2014

(Click or touch to enlarge!) Counter-clockwise from the picture with my hand in it, these are:

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