Segafredo Espresso (international chain; Jamsil)

On a cold cold cold Sunday morning in January 2011, I decided to go to the river.

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TTMIK – Coffee Culture in Korea

And now, back to Seo(ul). Or at least Korea in general.

Earlier this year, the good folks at Talk To Me In Korean had a little conversation about Korea’s intense coffee and café culture. You can listen to their chat here:

Coffee, the Seattle connection

Here at CaféSeaSeo I sometimes take time to focus on the Sea(ttle) instead of the Seo(ul).

So here was a nice little profile of the founder of, as I’ve previously mentioned, one of my favorite cafés in Seattle, Espresso Vivace, and the huge impact he had.

The Seattle Times – Vivace’s David Schomer — not Starbucks — ‘made coffee huge in Seattle’

Second, a little reflection on Seattle’s current place in the coffee universe. There’s a little more details in the comment than in the posting:

What Happened to Seattle Coffee? –

The New York Times – ‘Is That Cappuccino You’re Drinking Really a Cappuccino?’

Defining coffee… when cappuccinos aren’t cappuccinos, and caramel macchiatos aren’t macchiatos, and Gibraltars are also cortados. Well, at least here’s the story of the cappuccino…

From seed to cup to seed

I try to order a for-here cup whenever and wherever possible, even at Starbucks (yes, they have mugs, even some people in Seattle have looked surprised when they see me with one). But if you’re going to get something to go, there is now an option that’s even greener than a compostable cup…

A cup that biodegrades into seeds…