Tomo Tome (Jukjeon café street)

Okay, time to return to the wonderful Jukjeon café street for the next awesome café!

This one is a place called Tomo Tome, right next to I’m Home and at the north entrance to the café street. Now, while my posting on I’m Home had a heavy focus on desserts rather than the coffee there, at Tomo Tome I rightly focused on their drinks. For example:

Delicious mocha at Tomo Tome, August 2010
Delicious mocha at Tomo Tome, August 2010

A delicious mocha, and a nice presentation too. It was August 28, a rainy and windy day in the Seoul metropolitan area, and even though the picture focuses on the coffee, you can really sense the dark atmosphere surrounding it. Ah, it was a great day for coffee. And this was a really good mocha. ‘Tomo Tome,’ I decided, ‘I will be back!’

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Seoulistic – ‘8 Cafe Streets in Seoul for Coffee Lovers’

Seoulistic – 8 Cafe Streets in Seoul for Coffee Lovers

Just found this nice overview of 8 café streets in Seoul and Bundang. I guess I never thought of most of them as “café streets”, with the exceptions of Jukjeon and Jeongja. And I didn’t have a clue about Yangjaecheon and Soraemaeul. That was quickly rectified. I read this this morning, and I’m posting this from Café 1.618 in Yangjaecheon right now! ^^

PS – It’s summer now, and of course hot and sticky (ㅠ), so lots more posts coming again soon!

The New York Times – ‘How the Hum of a Coffee Shop Can Boost Creativity’

The New York Times – How the Hum of a Coffee Shop Can Boost Creativity

Interesting article about a new website that plays café ambiance sounds for anyone anywhere to feel like they are at a café, and therefore boost creativity. For me, it’s absolutely true… anytime I want to write in this blog, have to work on a lesson plan, or write something else, I really want to go to a busy, bustling café. Also, interesting little note at the end about Seoul! 😀