Korean coffee songs!

♦ Silence and tranquility

♦ Chatting, chattering, and conversations

♦ Musical harmony or cacophony

What sounds do you prefer as you visit a café to spend a few hours studying, relaxing, or visiting with your friends? If you are in a city or area with a high density of cafés, such as Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, it’s easy to walk a few meters away and find a new café if the one you walk into hurts your ears with its annoying playlist or its silence. Eventually, you’ll find a place where your ears are happy and your mind can relax with your caffeinated drink. Of course, that caffeinated drink might make you hyper instead, but that’s another story.

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De Chocolate (chain, multiple locations)

hello again!

with a regular plain latte at Caffè Fiorè on a foggy day in the Emerald City, i re-start this blog. actually, the fog has been almost perpetual since i got back from Korea a few days ago. all fog… and a forecast of no rain for four more days… very strange. i want my Seattle rain! because i was in Korea, i haven’t seen rain in two months… how depressing. but we did have some great snowstorms there. and i did check out even more cafés and went back to some old favorites. anyway, i had a little detour from my planned schedule of frequent postings, but i plan to remedy that starting today! and to start my Korean café reviews anew, i present to you De Chocolate.

De Chocolate is a small chain as Korean chains go. I think they are trying to go more upscale and exclusive rather than the “be everywhere” model that Caffé Bene has. If you look at their website (as of January 2013), they have just over 15 stores. So, they expanded little by little as I lived there, looking for the right places for new stores instead of just saturating the market through money and star promotions. I’ve only been to four of their locations:  Apgujeong, Gangnam, Seohyeon, and Unjung-dong.

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