Articles – Approaching the peak, but still climbing

It has certainly been an amazing few years to be a coffee drinker, a café aficionado, a CaféSeaSeo, in Korea. Café culture has exploded, the number of cafés has risen exponentially, and the quality of coffee keeps increasing year by year.

So for today, here’s a series of articles noting the expansion of coffee drinking in Korea, a milestone for Starbucks, a list of exemplary cafés, and a few other random things that fall under the banner of coffee. ^^

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Starbucks ad from 1984

My mom saved a lot of stuff. Well, I’ve saved a lot of stuff too. Don’t we all? Lol. Among her stuff I happened to find an old magazine brochure from an exhibition about China at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center in 1984.

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room (Seattle)

Hi coffee fans,

Well, this blog is usually devoted to chronicling the myriad and multitude of cafés in and around Seoul from the viewpoint of a Seattleite, but once in a while I gotta have my little detours into developments in Seattle, no? A few days ago in this blog I visited Seattle, Seoul, and the Washington DC area with reminiscences about the rain. And now today I will pay a quick visit to the new temple, the new shrine to coffee, built by the giant mermaid herself. It was huge news in Seattle, it made the national news, and it made headlines around the world too. It’s a new café with a really long name, and a big space to go with it. Ready? It’s the Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room!

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Articles – Expansion

If only coffee were about the taste…

But no, dear readers, it’s also a lifestyle, a profession, an art, a passion, and for many others, it’s a business. In ultra-competitive, hyper-capitalistic South Korea, it’s a huge business, as the coffee boom has gone on for over a decade. And there have been whispers of a plateau to this boom… a slowdown, a changing of tastes. Talk like this strikes fear in any profit-driven capitalistic coffee-chaebol wannabe. (South) Korea is a small country of 50 million people! (Actually, that’s quite a lot of people, especially for its small territory, but next to neighboring China’s 1.4 billion….. well). The big coffee chains, of which I’ve gently poked from time to time in my reviews, they have investors, or they are investors, so they are constantly looking for the next source of income, be it a from a new coffee product, new desserts to go with it, or the new development being constructed outside Seoul. But sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes these investors see bigger  signs. And with a lot of zeroes, mind you, as you need 1000 South Korean Won to equal 1 US Dollar. So where to look to get a googol ₩? Well, it’s a big world we live in. It’s time to become an international coffee-chaebol conglomerate!

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Articles – Starbucks design, Ediya, Brazilian Arabica


It’s a snowy day here in Seoul, but… it’s been snowing for over 6 hours and nothing has stuck yet! The streets and the sidewalks and the trees are all bare. Oh well. But still, it’s a great day to go out for coffee. And I just read about a new place in The Korea Herald so I decided to visit it! I’m writing to you today from the large and bustling Terarosa Coffee in downtown Seoul. I’ve had a cup of Brazil Ouro Verde (that means “green gold”) and two small pastries as I’ve caught up on some stuff. I’d also like to catch up on this blog a bit… and I won’t be able to today, but at least I have a few articles to post…

Starbucks design:

(one more link under this category added 24 January 2015:)

Ediya expansion:

Brazilian Arabica:

While the article I saw was in The Korea Herald, the original was actually from Bloomberg News:

(I’m seated approximately where the girl on the left is in the picture 😉 ; initial rating for Terarosa Coffee:  ****)

Seattle coffees January 2014

Why hello,

So about a month ago I resolved to post more often this year… but obviously that didn’t happen, or at least hasn’t yet. But! I did go home to Seattle for a little over two weeks and enjoyed the warmer weather as well as the city’s excitement over the Seattle Seahawks (American football team), who went on to win the Super Bowl (the championship game) just after I came back to Korea! I of course also got to enjoy lots of good coffee, sometimes with parents or friends and sometimes alone. Here, then, is a little collage of many of those coffees. 🙂

Seattle coffees January 2014
Seattle coffees January 2014

(Click or touch to enlarge!) Counter-clockwise from the picture with my hand in it, these are:

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Believe it or not, Starbucks is actually somewhat polarizing in Seattle. It’s a hometown favorite that has spread around the world, but its huge size is in conflict with the local/independent/liberal vibe that characterizes the unofficial capital of Cascadia aka Eco-topia aka the Pacific Northwest. Starbucks is a representation of multinational capitalism that many people want to tame. But many people also recognize the good that Starbucks does in the Seattle area and throughout their supply chain. They were a pioneer in Corporate Social Responsibility and constantly strive to improve their environmental and social record. But there is no escaping being the largest coffee chain in the world, no matter how progressive they are or try to be. So there are always haters, even in its hometown. Especially with the matter of the Seattle SuperSonics, our former NBA basketball team. But that’s another story. Another really long story.

So what’s my take on the green siren? Well here’s the thing. I started drinking coffee because of Starbucks. Back when I was in college, working on a final group project, we were getting ready to interview someone. A fellow group member was thoughtful enough to bring a bottled coffee drink called a Frappuccino for everybody. Me, I’d never really liked the few cups of (black drip) coffee that I’d tried before. But my group member insisted on giving the Frappuccino a try. And it was mocha flavored, so chocolate helps anything go down, right? I tried a sip or two and made a face. But a few minutes later and a few sips later, and I was getting the hang of it. Hey, this Frappuccino thing is pretty good! Wouldn’t you know it, in the next few months I was an addict, buying Frappuccino 4-packs in bulk and using them to fuel my last few quarters in college. I of course eventually tried the regular in-store Frappuccino, and then other drinks, and from there, the rest is history.

Frappuccino bottle collection in my college dorm room
Frappuccino bottle collection in my college dorm room

So, yeah… Obviously by now I’ve “graduated” beyond Starbucks and tend to go to a lot of the other independent shops and small chains in the Seattle area. But every so often, I will return to where it all began. So no hate from me. I complement the big with the small, the chains with the independents, the bitter with the sweet. The sea with the seo…

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