Best Korean coffees of 2016

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year 2017!

While my regular posts are still about cafés I visited a few years ago, I certainly went to many new and amazing cafés in 2016. So here, while not a regular post or review, is a little gift of eye candy at least.

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club Espresso (Buamdong)

Somewhere in Seoul, there is a place that is near the clouds and is far away from the noise and the bustle that characterizes the city of 10 million souls. It’s a breezy neighborhood, an artsy neighborhood, a hidden neighborhood one might even say. * It doesn’t have a metro station! And many longtime Seoul citizens are unfamiliar with it. It’s a place to go to relax, to hike, to breathe fresh air, and to drink good coffee. My friends, welcome to Buamdong.

At the top of a Buamdong side hill, the view of the mountains, November 2011
At the top of a Buamdong side hill, the view of the mountains, November 2011

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Seattle coffees January 2014

Why hello,

So about a month ago I resolved to post more often this year… but obviously that didn’t happen, or at least hasn’t yet. But! I did go home to Seattle for a little over two weeks and enjoyed the warmer weather as well as the city’s excitement over the Seattle Seahawks (American football team), who went on to win the Super Bowl (the championship game) just after I came back to Korea! I of course also got to enjoy lots of good coffee, sometimes with parents or friends and sometimes alone. Here, then, is a little collage of many of those coffees. 🙂

Seattle coffees January 2014
Seattle coffees January 2014

(Click or touch to enlarge!) Counter-clockwise from the picture with my hand in it, these are:

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browny 70 (Yongin)

hey there!

today marks the 1 year anniversary of CaféSeaSeo! thanks to all who have visited, stumbled upon, or followed this blog. it’s much appreciated! 🙂 and ^^

so, for a 1 year anniversary posting, i’ll write about another favorite place. here we go!

Separator - Light green wave

browny 70! Yes, “browny” with a “y” (and a lowercase “b” 😉 ). And it has nothing to do with the famous Korean stuffed husky that all the kids love. No, this café predates the Browny/Brownie the dog fad. And as for 70… I don’t know why. Yes, it’s a curious name, but it’s a great place!

Being close to my friend’s apartment in Suji… oh, wait. I said exactly the same thing about Zoo Coffee. Yes, browny 70 is very close to the first Zoo Coffee I went to. It’s in a little neighborhood shopping center / gathering place called the Daypark, in Seongbok-dong in Suji, the almost-Bundang district in northern Yongin.

Browny 70 in Suji, street view courtesy Naver Maps (
browny 70 in Suji, street view courtesy Naver Maps (

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Risio Coffee (Bucheon)

Requiem to Risio


The Lamentably Quick Story of Coffee at Risio, March 2013

O Risio, how rapidly I knew thee!

Coming to live in a new town, you were the comfortable café downstairs. I had never had a café downstairs. Just this first introduction was amazing. And yet… I waited a few days before approaching you. You were closed one evening and seemed kind of empty the next. And yet in a country with a sea of Caffé Benes and Hollys and Starbucks and Coffee Beans and nowadays even Droptops and coffeesmiths, you were an independent beacon among the clones of chains. Your front porch beckoned with its playfulness, and your logo welcomed me with a smile.

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