Dangook University café (Jukjeon)

About a week after trying Coffee Florian, I was exploring my neighborhood once again. Nestled at the northwestern edge of Beobhwasan (법화산), which to my surprise unexpectedly has a huge Korean Wikipedia entry about it, is the fairly new campus of Dangook University. I’d been to the Dangook University area a few times to eat with friends, but now I was there to explore, and eventually find coffee.

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This day in the middle of April 2011 was a sunny day, so I was happy to enjoy the weather with a walk in a nice campus, which was only 4 years old at the time. I walked uphill around the east side of the campus, and kept going up. This small climb might be a little tiring on a hot day, but on a cool day, it’s great for the exercise and the views. Lots of students were playing games and stuff. There was a rock formation in the distance, so I walked towards it.

Rock formations at Dangook University
Rock formations at Dangook University, April 2011
View from rock formations at Dangook University
View from rock formations at Dangook University, April 2011

I went just a bit up then sat down to enjoy the view and to read. After a while, a few students came to a wooden platform nearby with changgu drums and started practicing.

View from rock formations at Dangook University, with students playing changgu drums, April 2011

It was pretty cool to experience that while in the beautiful spot and near sunset. I read a while longer, then watched and listened to the practice a little more, then climbed down and walked down the hill.

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So here’s the important part for this blog… the café! Midway down the hill, I found a coffee shop in a building, so I stepped inside. But I’m not sure if it had a name, or was just a university sponsored café. So that’s why I simply call it “Dangook University café“. But it was a happening place! Lots of students drinking coffee, talking, studying. I found a seat and sat down with my laptop. And I ordered from the colorful menu…

Dangook University coffee shop chalk art menu
Dangook University coffee shop chalk art menu, April 2011

Yeah, things are a little bit cheaper at university cafés. ^^ But what it was that I ordered was lost to time with the beats of the changgu drums.

Ah, wait a moment. It turns out I have a video of this moment in time, the playing of the drums…

Back when I reviewed Coffine Gurunaru, I lamented not being able to upload videos, as you had to pay to do that on WordPress. But, just for you, dear readers, I’ve created a new YouTube account, so I can embed small clips whenever necessary. It won’t happen very often, but it will be a nice multimedia addition to my coffee stories. And soon, I’ll have that missing Gurunaru video up, as well as others here and there around the blog.

So the beats of the changgu drums were not lost to time. But… the coffee order on that day was. Sorry.

Anyway, I drank the coffee while working on my laptop. But then the café emptied out around 7pm. So I left shortly thereafter. But I did enjoy my short time there and the time leading up to it.

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Here’s a link to a Google Map to find the Dangook University café.

Address:  경기도 용인시 수지구 죽전로 152 단국대학교, 법학전문대학원 (apparently it’s in the graduate school building)

Final verdict:  ***

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