Articles – Approaching the peak, but still climbing

It has certainly been an amazing few years to be a coffee drinker, a café aficionado, a CaféSeaSeo, in Korea. Café culture has exploded, the number of cafés has risen exponentially, and the quality of coffee keeps increasing year by year.

So for today, here’s a series of articles noting the expansion of coffee drinking in Korea, a milestone for Starbucks, a list of exemplary cafés, and a few other random things that fall under the banner of coffee. ^^

First, Newsweek noted early last year that Korea is approaching peak coffee. I should have realized that in 2011, with 12,400 cafés in Korea, I had it easy; by 2015 there were 49,600! How will I fill up this blog with so many reviews?! I’ll have to live as long as a Goblin… Anyway, here’s the article:

And in Seoul alone, there are now 18,000 cafés… phew.

Then, Starbucks reached a notable milestone… 1000 cafés in Korea. I remember back in the late 90s when Starbucks had the goal of 2000 stores by the year 2000, worldwide. They’ve certainly far surpassed that and more. Both The Korea Herald and The Korea Times noted their opening. Wow, I really want to try that Orange Dark Mocha… it reminds me of a Café Nico at Espresso Vivace in Seattle. Are you curious? It looks something like this:

Anyway, back to the two articles about Starbucks:

Why is Starbucks so popular in Korea? The Korea Herald tried to explain the reasons why:

Tired of Starbucks? Here are some great independent / tiny chain cafés, some of which I visited for the first time last year:

Remember everybody, stay away from coffee pods!:

And finally, back to Starbucks. Now they are combining coffee with beer. 대박:


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