Caffé Pascucci (international chain; Seohyeon branch)

Happy Friday to everyone. Are you thirsty? Do you feel like taking a little trip to one of the international centers of coffee? Italy is just a plane ride away, after all…

But it’s not that simple, is it? However, there are other options for experiencing other parts of the world. And if you want some Italian coffee, an Italian coffee chain has made its way to Korea and other parts of the world. It’s called Caffé Pascucci.

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I’d seen Caffé Pascucci here and there during my first year in Korea, but I was either full of coffee or on my way somewhere, and hadn’t had the chance to stop by and try it. But on a Sunday in March 2011, I finally decided to give it a try. I had gone to Seohyeon to find a good café to study Korean. I walked around AK Plaza, which I thought was just the local shopping mall, but later found out is another chain of department stores. This area is full of people shopping, drinking (coffee, etc.), and eating, so it’s always buzzing with activity, and it’s chock full of cafés. I found a Caffé Pascucci near the north exit of AK Plaza and decided it was finally time to try it. It was full of people and was a nice looking place. Take a look:

Caffé Pascucci in Seohyeon
Caffé Pascucci in Seohyeon, March 2011

I ordered my usual first-time order, a mocha. But, unfortunately, it was just so-so. Even worse, while I was studying, my eyes were closing, despite the coffee. But I did finish studying, and I did finish the mocha, and after a few hours, I left.

Caffé Pascucci is kind of… reclusive? I don’t know how to explain it. They are certainly around, as looking at Naver Maps now in late 2016, there are at least 170 branches in the Seoul and Gyeonggi-do area. But I rarely see them; they never seem to be around where I’m at. Whenever I see one, I’m think “oh, yeah, Pascucci… they’re still around”. I might try it again, but usually, I don’t see them, or when I do, I’m already full of coffee. Maybe if I go to Italy I’ll find them a little more easily…

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Here’s a link to a Google Map to find the approximate location of the Seohyeon branch that I visited, which apparently doesn’t exist anymore. But there is one just a few blocks away by a new CGV.

Korean name:  파스쿠찌


Final verdict:  **

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