Korean coffee songs!

♦ Silence and tranquility

♦ Chatting, chattering, and conversations

♦ Musical harmony or cacophony

What sounds do you prefer as you visit a café to spend a few hours studying, relaxing, or visiting with your friends? If you are in a city or area with a high density of cafés, such as Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, it’s easy to walk a few meters away and find a new café if the one you walk into hurts your ears with its annoying playlist or its silence. Eventually, you’ll find a place where your ears are happy and your mind can relax with your caffeinated drink. Of course, that caffeinated drink might make you hyper instead, but that’s another story.

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To be honest, going into a café can be a feast for all five senses (or six if you are so inclined). The architecture and interior design might be pleasing to your eyes. The smells wafting out of the roasting and espresso machines probably help bring a smile to your face. A decent café will certainly serve its treasures in a porcelain or earthenware mug for you to hold and feel the warmth of the coffee. And that coffee better taste good and make you feel that all’s well with the world. If you have that sixth sense, hopefully you feel good vibes or good memories from the past or future. And of course, the sounds of the coffeehouse complete the mood.

If those sounds are music, then the barista or manager has an almost infinite selection to choose from. Hopefully, they aren’t repeating the same 60 minutes of music over and over and over and over and over… unfortunately, it’s happened to me a little too often in Korean cafés. But if the songs are good, at least that’s a plus.  What music do you like to hear in a café?

Might I suggest, one day, that you listen to Korean songs about coffee? Guess what, there are a lot of songs just like that! So just for you, dear readers, I’ve compiled a new playlist on 8tracks, so you can jam to 커피 노래 to your heart’s content. The first six coffee songs are from my collection. I then added some chocolate, vanilla, and marshmallows for those of you who like mochas, vanilla lattes, and marshmallow lattes. Some of my friends suggested the next four songs to get back to pure coffee. And finally, I added something a little different to remind you of the wider coffee universe we live in. I hope you like it!

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Hopefully this link works: 

Otherwise, the playlist page is:  http://8tracks.com/cafeseaseo/korean-coffee-songs

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