13oz (Jukjeon café street)

So here’s an anomaly. A place that I went to only once, that I barely remember, and is now closed. But hey, its memory can live on through this blog, right? And some day the ex-owners might do a Google search instead of a Naver search and be surprised upon finding my blog posting about their old shop. Or maybe I’ll find a way to get onto Naver searches so more Koreans will find CaféSeaSeo. Hmmm ~

Anyway, this café was called 13oz. It was on the periphery of the Jukjeon café street. While the streets of the central café street area are traversed 95% of the time by pedestrians, this café faced the heavily trafficked Jukjeon-ro. It had snowed that day in Cheongdeok, so I was hope to see a snowy café street, but unfortunately it wasn’t as snowy there. Still, I was in the mood for coffee, so I stepped inside 13oz before meeting a friend for dinner.

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13oz, December 2010
13oz, December 2010

Like I said, I don’t remember much, but I was struck by the decorations; I liked their style:

Coffee beans at 13oz, December 2010
Coffee beans at 13oz, December 2010
Coffee beans and decorative candles at 13oz, December 2010
Coffee beans and decorative candles at 13oz, December 2010

But I don’t remember what I drank or how it was. Wish it had stayed open longer so I could give it a more decent review.

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By the way, if you search for “13oz” in Naver Maps, you will find one, but it’s not the same. For one, it’s in Sinsa-dong in Seoul. Also, the logo of this 13OZ is very different and uses a large “OZ”. I guess that’s a good way to name a shop if your preferred name is taken:  switch to capital letters lol. Does that even work in the US? Good strategy on their part, I guess, but confusing for consumers, as you’d have to specify to your friends which particular spelling to go to (“StarBucks” with a capital “b”!), and Internet searches tend to be case insensitive.

If you search for cafés in the Jukjeon area on Naver Maps, though, 13oz will still show up! It’s just named differently (see below). But if you pull up a street view, you’ll confirm that it’s no longer there.

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Here’s a link to a Google Map to find the location of the now-defunct 13oz.

And here’s a link to a Naver Map and a Naver Map page about 13oz.

Address:  경기도 용인시 기흥구 보정동 1197-1

Korean name:  13온스

Final verdict:  ***?

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