Articles – Starbucks design, Ediya, Brazilian Arabica


It’s a snowy day here in Seoul, but… it’s been snowing for over 6 hours and nothing has stuck yet! The streets and the sidewalks and the trees are all bare. Oh well. But still, it’s a great day to go out for coffee. And I just read about a new place in The Korea Herald so I decided to visit it! I’m writing to you today from the large and bustling Terarosa Coffee in downtown Seoul. I’ve had a cup of Brazil Ouro Verde (that means “green gold”) and two small pastries as I’ve caught up on some stuff. I’d also like to catch up on this blog a bit… and I won’t be able to today, but at least I have a few articles to post…

Starbucks design:

(one more link under this category added 24 January 2015:)

Ediya expansion:

Brazilian Arabica:

While the article I saw was in The Korea Herald, the original was actually from Bloomberg News:

(I’m seated approximately where the girl on the left is in the picture 😉 ; initial rating for Terarosa Coffee:  ****)


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