4th dimension coffee (Yongin)

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to leave the normal confines of this Internet, cyberspace, Information Superhighway, World Wide Web log and take you to the 4th Dimension! …….Okay… maybe not. No worries, I’ll stay out of the realm of cheesy and keep it in the realm of coffee! …….Ouch, strike two for my writing tonight. You would think with a rich café name like “4th dimension coffee” that I would elevate my writing a notch and make it as clever as the café’s name. But nah, I’ll keep it strictly expository tonight.

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Early on (2010) in my stay in Korea, I would often take the local yellow #31 bus from Cheongdeok to Jukjeon Station to continue on on the metro, the good old Bundang Line, to Seoul or places in between. And, of course, being the good Traveler (not a tourist!) that I am, I would always look out the window and absorb all the sights and the… paisaje… what’s the word in English? Ah, landscape. (Yes, my brain is very multi-dimensional and multi-lingual tonight). Riding just one minute from my bus stop took me to the border of Cheongdeok-dong (Cheongdeok neighborhood), where there was suddenly a plot of micro-countryside. A small triangular rice paddy was on the left, which I loved looking at all year round. And on the right was the greenery of the edge of the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Research and Training Institute campus. Of course, this countryside itself lasted only about one minute, but still, it was a pleasant one minute view. Suddenly the bus would be driving through the bustle of Guseong-dong. Unlike Cheongdeok, Guseong-dong isn’t almost semi-rural; it’s more suburban, though still small scale. It definitely had more of the chains that are all over Korea, like Lotteria and Baskin Robbins. Eventually, if I was on the left side of the bus, I’d see 4th dimension coffee towards the end of Guseong-dong. And I kept telling myself, I have to go check it out sometime!

So in June, I finally did so. Actually, I went there the first day I had a car! Now I didn’t have to always skip 4th dimension coffee because of taking the bus lol. (Though I still took the bus and the subway whenever possible, as I’m a fan of public transportation, and anyway, the traffic sucks in Korea! But being in Cheongdeok almost necessitated having a car…). My friend came to my place to see my car in my possession (he had actually helped me to buy it the day before; thanks 형!), and I took him to dinner and coffee in Guseong-dong. He laughed at the name of the café, thinking it was clever. Preoccupied with other things, I didn’t take a picture or note what I drank. Probably a mocha, but still…. I went again in August, but again, I didn’t take a picture or note my drink. No, I only noted that while I was there, a huge rainstorm started, and a bolt of lightning’s thunder set off an alarm for a while.

And actually, I went there a few more times to read or hang out, and I didn’t take a picture. But I can describe the place to you. No, they don’t play with any dimension theme. It’s just a comfortable café with large tables by the window, a center book and magazine section, and round tables toward the back. A TV would constantly play a black and white movie, but without volume, if I recall correctly. The interesting thing is that 4th dimension coffee seems to be associated with a church in the same building upstairs. While much of the magazine selection is coffee magazines, much of their other reading material is religious. That could be a turnoff to many people, but I can assure you that it wasn’t obtrusive, and no one ever said or asked anything about being Christian (unlike some random people on the street will sometimes do). So is the “4th dimension” God? Perhaps. It usually implies time, so maybe their angle is that it’s coffee time for God… who knows. But I did spend pleasant and relaxing times there, with good coffee. Nothing excellent, nothing out of the ordinary. Just decent coffee in a comfortable place.

Two years later, I took two of my students there to hang out. So finally, I took my first picture there!:

Caramel Macchiato and cards at 4th dimension coffee, January 2012
Caramel Macchiato and cards at 4th dimension coffee, January 2012

And a few months later, two more pictures of the café:

4th dimension coffee, April 2012
4th dimension coffee, April 2012
4th dimension coffee interior, April 2012
4th dimension coffee interior, April 2012

And that’s it! 4th dimension coffee is a comfortable place to read or study. Check it out if you happen to be in or near Guseong-dong.

Here’s a link to a Google Map to find 4th dimension coffee. It’s right across from Guseong Elementary School.

And here’s a link to a Naver Map.

Final verdict:  ***

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