Coffee Factory (Anguk/Bukchon)

Early in my trip, I asked a friend for recommendations for cool places to explore in Seoul. At the top of her list was the Anguk neighborhood near Gyeongbokgung. She said that it had a lot of old traditional houses and cool shops to look at. If you haven’t been there, be sure to go! While walking through that first time, I noticed a cool looking café called Coffee Factory. I wasn’t in the mood for coffee at the time, but I noted it for future reference.

In July I finally returned to have a “really good iced mocha” as I wrote in my journal. ^^ The place was crowded but laid out interestingly, with sections divided by a step or furniture. The interior was a little dark but not overwhelmingly so. It was good for a pit stop to work on a laptop for a while, except that they had a lack of outlets for when your battery died. On the door, as you can see in the picture above, there were some lines in Spanish, which I thought was a nice and original touch. There was a small patio outside too, but I didn’t sit there because of the heat. I remember that they had a diverse selection to choose from, and I thought I would try them on future visits, but unfortunately, they closed for construction a few months later! And then, Coffee Factory was gone. I did find it afterwards a few blocks north of its original location, but I never went in.

The old location of Coffee Factory was about here: Google Map | Naver Map

Final verdict: ****

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