Liesgen Haus (Yongin)

hey there again!

To start my blog, I’ll start with one of the first cafés I went to upon arriving in Korea. Hidden away in almost semi-rural Cheongdeok-dong, a young couple had started Liesgen Haus about 6 months before I first went there in April 2010. It was the main coffee shop in Cheongdeok, my neighborhood, and I thought the only one at the time.

My pre-HDR pre-good camera shot of the entrance to Liesgen Haus in Cheongdeok-dong, Yongin, Korea

But despite its location in a somewhat isolated place, it had all the hallmarks of a great independent café. Friendly, knowledgeable baristas. Attractive atmosphere. Organic and single-origin coffee. Its own roasting machine. Creative drinks. Comfortable seating. Good wi-fi (that’s almost a given in Korea). And of course, delicious coffee. Now, I might as well state this now. Even greater than my love of coffee is my love of chocolate! If chocolate shops were as common as coffee shops, well, the purpose of this blog would be different! ^^ So, my first drink in any coffee shop is, 99% of the time, a café mocha.

A café mocha at Liesgen Haus in Yongin, Korea, in April 2010

As you can see, this mocha is quite attractive with a unique spider-web design in its sturdy mug. Most importantly, do I remember the taste? Well, no……. it’s been over two years after all. My synapses are not as refined as that as to pull out a gustatory memory from a picture or from the rest of the memory. So, yeah, in the blog, I’ll be unable to judge taste for the most part, unless it was something unique or highly impacting. Let my pictures and my other descriptions guide you!

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Over the next two years, I frequently returned to Liesgen Haus. Even though I loved going to Seoul or to the nearby populated areas such as Jukjeon and Bundang, it was still my neighborhood café! And being the only foreigner living in the neighborhood, the owners quickly remembered my name, especially when they always heard my students calling to me from outside when they saw me there! I got to try a diverse selection of drinks, not all of which I took pictures of, and I happened to be there the day their 2nd roaster was installed. The owners are living their dream in Liesgen Haus.

So why the funny German-sounding name? It has something to do with classical music, specifically Bach. A quick Internet search will bring up Bach’s Cantata BWV 211. Appropriately, “BWV 211” is imprinted on the awning (see picture above), and an outline of Bach looks down upon visitors from the main wall.

Liesgen Haus on a spring day, with an outline of Bach on the wall, April 2012

Occasionally, the owners will play classical music in the background, but not always. They have a good mix of music there. Unlike other cafés… but I’ll get to that in other postings.

Here’s a link to a Google Map to find Liesgen Haus.

And here’s a link to a Naver Map (satellite views are much more updated than Google’s).

In chronological order, here are the rest of my pictures from Liesgen Haus:

Iced mocha on my laptop at Liesgen Haus
A mocha in a cup that changes colors with temperature (and says “ON” or “OFF”)
Mocha with latte art like a bird
Mocha with a snowman latte art
Vanilla latte
Vanilla latte, angle view
Caramel Macchiato
Iced caramel macchiato
One of the owners/baristas roasts some (mixed) coffee beans
The owners/baristas of Liesgen Haus
Menu (yes, unlike many larger stores in Korea with their English or bilingual menus, here you have to be able to read Hangul; i think that’s great and appropriate)
Exterior view, April 2012
Iced vanilla latte and a complimentary cheesecake

Final verdict:  *****

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